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Welcome to the new web address for acclaimed Asian American Actor, Stand Up Comic and Pop Culture Pundit Kate Rigg.

A graduate of Juilliard, Kate has performed on stage, film and TV, and in comedy festivals and clubs all over the country. She is the lead singer/rhyme spitter for the duo "Slanty Eyed Mama" who have played concerts everywhere from the Comedy Central Theater to the Smithsonian Institute.  She is also a successful television producer and playwright, but the real deal is on stage.  

Come here for news, booking information, extended bios, pictures and video reels all here all the time.  And links to the websites for Nuyorasian super group Slanty Eyed Mama, and the production hub for Kate's Entertainment and Branding Company Cool Genius Entertainment. And one photograph with Charo.

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  • No photo can capture how magnificent this is. #barcelona #travel #sagradafamilia #gaudi
    No photo can capture how magnificent this is. #barcelona #travel #sagradafamilia #gaudi
  • #barcelona #graffiti #travel #street #art #love I saw him and loved him instantly
    #barcelona #graffiti #travel #street #art #love I saw him and loved him instantly

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Kate appears in several episodes of Law and Order as Public Defender Sally Xiao as well as ME. on Law and Order SVU. 

Kate did voices for Fox's Family Guy in Season 5. Good times.

Kate appeared as a comedy correspondent on the Dr. Phil Show for several seasons, doing man on the street interviews and special segments starting with a panel on race and representation with comedy legend Paul Mooney.

The film "That's What She Said" is currently on-demand and on Showtime. You can see Kate there as Lu, the smartmouthed bar owning leather jacket wearing softie.

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