"One of those rare gems that is so smart, witty and hilarious that I could barely laugh because I was so busy marveling at the layering of language and political sophistication"-”

— The association for Theater in Higher Education

Kate is a frequent speaker / comedian at colleges offering talks on Asian American issues,  multicultural perspectives on art and media, writing workshops, spoken word arts, and comedy, especially political comedy.  

Read some letters from college students

Hi Kate, I used to work at Asian American Recovery Services and was fortunate enough to volunteer at the conference yesterday.  I just wanted to send you a note to tell you that your performance was not only entertaining, but very powerful.  You are an awesome role model for the girls and really made them feel proud about themselves.  It's always a good feeling when you see someone who enjoys what they do.  But it's even better when they use their gifts to inspire others.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and energy with us.  I hope to see you in the Bay Area this summer, or even catch one of your shows on my next trip to New York!
--AARC Annual Conference San Jose

"Thank you for being part of a discussion that as you said doesn't exist enough, and for being very articulate about how you'd like to see this discussion take place between the Asian Steve Harveys or Chris Rocks or Dave Chappelles whenever they may surface."-After performance keynote at the Freer Sackler Gallery of Asian Art at the Smithsonian Institute 

Dear Kate, 
I saw your show last Thursday night at the Center for Cultural Exchange in Portland, ME and I was freaking happy and overjoyed. You and Lyris were amazing and unbelievable. As a Filipino American, I have been growing up feeling invisible, oppressed by my country and my family, and thrown in a model minority box. The worst part was that I felt totally alone, like no one could understand.  But after seeing your show, I felt completely validated and that I am not alone. I felt FINALLY someone speaks the truth about Asian culture and growing up Asian in America, and pulls no punches. 
--Colby U, Maine

Hey Kate.
I just saw your performance  at Mt.Holyoke and loved it. I haven't been to many presentations with multicultural/multiracial asian female performers and I'm very glad that I had the opportunity to see you. You give us multiracial/cultural asian girls hope to make it out there. Thank you. =)
--Mt Holyoke College, MASS

You really made a statement for the Asian Pacific Islander Organization and on behalf of my members we all thank you as well!! P.S. I feel very proud and I feel like I have more confidence in myself than I ever had in my whole entire life.
--Sonoma State,CA

Dear Kate, I just wanted to thank-you for doing what you do.  I saw your show at Brava tonight and immediately went home and e-mailed everyone I knew to tell them to go see your show, all while listening to your CD.  I have a feeling I will take in a few more shows before you leave. Your show and the anthology Half and Half have done so much to finally make me feel not only comfortable in my own skin, but proud as well.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you. 

--San Francisco

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